Air Matters

Your home isn't just a place where you eat and sleep --- it's also where you relax, have fun and enjoy the company of family and friends. So it's understandable that you want to do everything you can to keep it as comfortable and clean as possible.

A high-performance, precision-engineered Trane heating and cooling system can solve these problems and more, while making you home feel incredibly comfortable --- all day, all night, all year and for years to come.

Comfort Matters

All dealers are not created equal. Which is why you have to be thorough when selecting one. But here is something to make your life a little easier. Just look for the Trane Comfort Specialist badge. It will indicate a dealer of the highest standing --- a dealer that is committed to excellence in every aspect of his business, from installation and service, to customer care and employee training.

Trane Comfort Specialist

The Trane Comfort Specialist badge is not easy to come by. Dealers qualify for this honor on a yearly basis by meeting the Trane Company's stringent standards for professionalism and technological expertise.

Service Matters

Call us today to schedule an appointment for a FREE evaluation of your home. We will take measurements and evaluate your overall comfort needs with what is known as a load calculation or a heat gain/heat loss analysis. This data is key in determining the type and size of system you need to make problems like hot and cold spots, thermostat wars and uncomfortable humidity levels disappear for good.

When it's time to purchase a heating and air conditioning system, put your comfort in the hands of R&R Air Conditioning Service Company.

New SEER Requirements

Is your system efficient?

In January 2006, the Department of Energy increased the minimum efficiency from 10 to 13 SEER. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) indicates the efficiencies of different types of equipment. The majority of systems installed before 1992 are 10 SEER or below and will continue to drop in efficiency as the system ages.

What is a System?

Before we can explain how your home can be more comfortable, it's important to understand exactly what a home comfort system is. Most common is a forced air system that uses air ducts to carry conditioned air throughout your home.

A typical forced air system employs an air conditioner, furnace and coil, or a heat pump and air handler. These systems are called split systems because they require both an outdoor and an indoor unit.

The opposite of a split system is a package unit. Instead of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, all systems and components are housed in a single cabinet and installed outdoors, or sometimes in the attic. But regardless of whether it is a split system or a package unit, the concept is the same. Each component is designed and engineered to work together in what is called a "matched system". A matched system is composed of compatible equipment and is perfectly balanced. This is the best way to ensure optimum performance with the highest comfort, efficiency, and longevity.

Why the Right Size Is So Important

A system that is too large will cool or heat your house quickly, but you still may not feel comfortable. That's because it will satisfy the thermostat before it can adequately remove sufficient moisture from the air - which will make summer stickier than it should be. And the stress of short-cycling (too many starts and stops) will shorten the life of your equipment and increase your heating and cooling bills. On the other hand, a system that is too small just cannot get the job done. The air conditioner will run constantly in the summer and the furnace will do the same in the winter.

Higher Efficiency Equals Greater Comfort

In the heating and air conditioning industry, terms like SEER, AFUE and HSPF are used to indicate the efficiency of different types of equipment. Minimum efficiencies have been established by the Federal government, but, in general, it's important to remember that the higher the efficiency rating, the greater the energy savings. When properly selected, higher efficiency matched systems offer improved comfort at reduced operating costs.

We Specialize in Home Comfort

Trane Comfort Specialist Technician

R&R technicians have had extensive training in determining your comfort needs, as well as the system size and components that are just right for your home. Your technician will determine your load by using a heat-gain/heat-loss analysis, which will take into account your windows, insulation, ductwork, and building materials. Your lifestyle will also be considered so that your system can be tailored to your comfort needs. This may take a few hours of your time, but it's well worth the investment. We are here to serve you!