The XT 500 Weathertron Heat Pump Thermostat

Programmed For Comfort And Efficiency

XT 500 Weathertron Heat Pump Thermostat

The XT 500 Weathertron® Heat Pump Thermostat is the latest in microelectronic technology.
High-tech design combined with plain English programming makes it easy to live with.
The large, liquid crystal display faces upward which makes it east to see the time and
temperature with just a glance.

The XT 500 comes pre-programmed with night setback for your convenience.
All you need to do is push the RUN PROGRAM button to begin energy savings.
You can also set it to fit your own individual lifestyle. Set different schedules for
weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays. It has up to four energy saving periods per
day --- WAKE, LEAVE, RETURN and SLEEP. It is one of the simplest to use
programmable thermostats available.

Easy to use

It's Convenient
It's not only easy to program --- you can also be comfortable while you do it.
The thermostat is easily removed from the subbase so you can program it
while you sit comfortably in your easy chair. The battery back-up makes it
convenient too. The batteries help the thermostat remember your programs
in case of a power failure. And you can even change them without losing your program.

Optimum Energy Savings
The XT 500 automatically calculates when your heat pump needs to operate
to reach the desired temperature at the pre-programmed time. It slowly
raises the temperature so the auxiliary heaters operate only when necessary.
That saves energy.

You can program two ten-degree setback periods a day: such as ten
degrees lower while you are out during the day. This can save you from
17 to 40%* of the heating energy normally required, depending on where
you live. The same is true of cooling. With two five-degree setback periods
savings are from 11 to 33%*. Just program your XT 500 thermostat to raise
the temperature five degrees while you sleep and five-degrees while you
are out for the day. The XT 500 thermostat can pay for itself in energy savings
in two years or less.

Programmable for energy savings

* Based on the average home. Actual savings
depend on your home, geographic location,
number of setbacks and amount of setback degrees.

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